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Welcome to our website!   •   Willkommen auf unserer Website!   •   Serdecznie witamy w naszym serwisie internetowym!

Why choose Quo Vadis Lounge?

There are possibly few better places to rest in Kazimierz Dolny than in Quo Vadis Lounge! Comfortable, cosy, air-conditioned rooms amid an overwhelming natural environment, the breathtaking ravine "Korzeniowy Dol" literally right at our doorstep.

Enjoy our outside finnish sauna to start the day . Relax in our swimming pool if you wish to freshen up. We have bicycles available for touring at no charge, free 24 hour WIFI internet access on the premises. Do you play an instrument? Feel free to use our well equipped studio.


Our excellent brewed coffee, home made cake and ice creams are a must! How about a chilled soda, juice or local beers on our shaded porch?

Feel free to use our main kitchen or join us during evening cooking sessions. We hold a large supply of indian spices and international cookbooks for your convenience. Chef de Cuisine wannabe? This is your place to be! Invite your friends and prepare food together. An old polish proverb says "zdrowy duch w zdrowym ciele"… a sound mind in a sound body!


We continiously strive to hold special events at Quo Vadis Lounge: music sessions, live music and exhibitions. Guests are more than welcome to organise their own festivities. We also encourage you to spend time amid the microclimate that Kazimierz Dolny is most famous for. Doing so has proven to boost well being and guarantees a good nights rest!

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